Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

A note about the dinner show. Please let us know if anyone is celebrating anything special on Nov 12 or 13. The cast would like to greet them and make a big deal about their special day!!

Go to your neighbors

Today is Wednesday 11:00 AM and so far the Hofbauer's have sold 26 tickets for the show.

They even received a direct donation of $40 from thanks to Evy and Jay going with mom to the neighbors. Remember some people are happy to give a donation when they see that you are doing an event to earn your ticket.

If someone offers a donation. Take it. It is yours to use 100% for your trip. Tell them to write the check to Action-Impact and give the check to Ron immediately. I also strongly advise everyone to keep track of who gave them donations, for two reasons. First of all you should really write to thank them after your trip. Second, it will be good for you to keep your own records.

God Bless,

See you in Israel!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Please call Amy at 484-888-5062 with the number of tickets you have sold, or you can post it right here on the blogg.

Margie High would really like a head-count ASAP.

Thank you very much.

This Fundraiser event is fast approaching. There is not much time left to make $1000.00

If you asked everyone you know, and you sold 100 tickets, you would earn one-thousand dollars, plus extra for helping out at the play. That is almost half the money for your trip. Even though this sounds easy, many people won't even try.

The dinner show is a real bargain! Most couples pay way more that $40 to eat at a nice restaurant. We are offering a wonderful dinner, and a Very Awesome Show!!!!!

We need to sell our tickets by this Friday, Nov. 6, so that we know how much food to prepare. We will lose too much money if we prepare extra food.

Take tickets with you where ever you go and tell everyone you know about the play. I sold two tickets to a mere acquaintance at a Halloween Parade. It turns out that her and her girlfriend LOVE mystery dinners!!! I sold a ticket to my Aunt in Collegeville, and she might not even come. I sold tickets to relatives as far north as Jim Thorpe, and as far South as Ocean City, MD. They are all coming to enjoy the show and see each other. This can be a reunion for many families!!

So, far I have not personally asked everyone I know. What about you?